#Victim of a Skype scam? Scam on a dating site? Victim of blackmail to the webcam? Do not panic ! Do not pay! Do not answer! You are on the right site !

This site is for you! I am Mr AM, the founder Maroc Investigation one of the first dirty removal sites and the e-reputation of the Net in Morocco. I was quickly contacted for webmaming site. I saw the techniques evolve; the tools change and the number of victims increase unlawfully! Why this site? I'm tired! Till to receive every week of desperate mails, marry to view videos published on Daylimotion, on YouTube, Mars to see returning people who could not bear complaint. So I wanted to create a site for you, to try to reassure you and give you advice and customs services to better protect yourself. Attention! If you are minor, contact this site http://www.marocinvestigation.com/ immediately. I no longer deal with any demand from minors.

Skype scam or blackmail on the webcam?

The scam at the webcam on Skype key mainly men. It is a scam often very fast. In less than 48h the scam may be mounted: the meeting, the sky on the skype, the threat, and the payment via Western Union or PCs card ... everything can go very quickly. Unless one thing, unfortunately, when the crook is holding you, he does not let you go! Women, they are generally victims of what is called romanceCam. A sentimental scam where the eccrocists maintains a long relationship, during which he handles his victim to put him from money. The pretexts are numerous: need money for his family, urgently need an aircraft, sending checks stolen to cash ...

Women too may be victims of webcam. The crook has succeeded in getting a "hot" session on Skype and publishes it, as for men, on hosting sites. When the victim is a woman, crooks massively publish videos on pornographic sites, unlike men's cases. They must therefore face a problematic.

The meeting on Facebook, Badoo, Lovoo, Skype, a meeting or other site. This is the banal story of a man who is entered on a meeting site, on a Facebook social network, Badoo, Lopoo or even on a professional site like LinkedIn or Viadeo. One day he meets a "Profile" of woman. She is pretty, certainly. The photo and his profile seem natural also. Very quickly the conversation is personal and the woman poses questions...

What’s your name? You are married? You have kids? What is your phone number? You have a Facebook account? Add me ... The goal is to recover as quickly as possible any information to clearly identify its victim and entourage. The more the scammer has more information, the higher its threat and the impact on the victim will be strong. See his friends list scroll in front of the scammer threatens you ... It's breeze the solids! As the conversion, "the" atmosphere "invites you to use Skype. For a long time, they used MSN, now it's Skype. And that's where everything goes to switch. You let yourself go ... The woman (or rather the crook that hides behind) offers a little bitter rise. She asks you to undress and perform sexual gestures. On your side, you see video a woman who makes it realized sexual gestures. And it's very good! At any time you are not sure you only see you are actually in a fleeing video that logs into loop. Brushes or crooks at the webcam, know what they do. When the girl taps on the keyboard, they write. When she does nothing, they do nothing.

You want to talk to him, hear it ... She retains a microphone problem. And for cause! It goes very quickly, 1 or 2 minutes. She takes you to and you ask you to turn, she wants to see everything. In fact, the crook is a man based in 80% of cases in West Africa. He records his screen and performs a video of you will publish in the wake of YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, blogs, Facebook, where even on pornographic sites. That's done, he has the video! And the video of the girl cuts. We enter the liver of the subject. The girl does not exist! She exists somewhere on the planet but she does not know you. She never discussed with you. Crooks use its image, its insu, to tender a trap.

The direct threat to Skype.

Now that the crook has the video, in the vast majority of the casings bessing immediately. It changes your tone, made more mistakes to writing,

he says to you:

 [10/10/2015 23:27:46] The graft-sharpe: drops your cam and shows

 [10/10/2015 23:29:36] The graft shelter: beautiful dick n adore

 [10/10/2015 23:29:39] The graffle: Pass me your tone I sound

 [10/10/2015 23:29:47] A .... B ....: Beautiful pussy

 [10/10/2015 23:30:16] The graft is: gives your tel

 [10/10/2015 23:30:29] A .... B ....: OK [10/10/2015 23:31:01] A .... B ....: 00212xxxxxxx         

 [10/10/2015 23:32:14] The graft: then Mr this video you see it is good if you see it not try to flee, play the hards or hold me so much if I publish it and the diffuse it in everyone all without the huries of the given to all things, friends, family like questions:

 [10/10/2015 23:32:24] The grafflers: Jeny Friends List Facebook

[10/10/2015 23:32:47] The graffler: So Ai?

[10/10/2015 23:33:00] The graft shell: so would like you that this video of you are seen by all? [10/10/2015 23:33:21] The graft sheep: because I am the devil in person [] [10/10/2015 23:33:30] The graft shell: so would you see me published your video shown the whole ??

[10/10/2015 23:33:50] A .... B ....: Not good on

[10/10/2015 23:34:12] The graft shell: so tell me, would like you to this video of you are shared on all these video sites in lines such as youtube and more

 You would like, that this video of you are shared on all these sites I'm listening ???????????

 [10/10/2015 23:34:26] A .... B ....: No

 [10/10/2015 23:34:43] The graft sheet: Listen to me carefully ... [...] Then you would like one of my victims ??

 [10/10/2015 23:35:16] A .... B ....: No

 [10/10/2015 23:35:37] The graft shell: Then you will do what I ask you if you would like this video of you to be deleted and that I keep my silence OK [10/10/2015 23:36:18] A .... B ....: OK

 [10/10/2015 23:36:28] The graft sheep: because I am the devilse [] [10/10/2015 23:36:57] A .... B ....: I just want this video to be removed [10/10/2015 23:37:00] A .... B ....: STP

[10/10/2015 23:37:07] The graft-flue: You want this video of you to be sworn, published, shared, broadcast or deleted?

 [10/10/2015 23:37:18] A .... B ....: Deleted

[10/10/2015 23:37:24] A .... B ....: You will erase

[10/10/2015 23:37:31] The graft shell: [] If you hold your life and if you really want the total removal of your video You have the right to do everything I ask you? [10/10/2015 23:38:25] A .... B ....: Yes

[10/10/2015 23:38:41] The graffle: me I want you to pay me a sum of money, ...

[10/10/2015 23:40:29] The graft shell: or you want to see me pass to the worst before me too much you have paid me for the removal of your video is SA? * Real cat of a victim that I have accompanied personally.


 The indirect threat and psychological pressure.

In some cases, rarer, crooks will not threaten you right away. They will be passing for youtube, the police, interpol or a pseudo prosecutor to create an important psychological pressure. Everything is fake! Absolutely everything! Never You willEe will contact you directly to report the presence of a video concerning you, for the mere and good reason that YouTube does not know you and does not have your email address!

The transfer of money.


Generally the scammer asks you for a transfer of money via Western Union to Ivory Coast, Benin, Morocco ... It's easy for them, they give a phony name. The counter of the agency on the spot is very often in the "trickery" just like the pseudo vigil that is said to standby. Everyone touches. Scam to the webcam via Skype, how to defend yourself?

Here is a global generalist strategy. For complex cases, the order of the steps may vary. I strongly urge you to perform a vulnerability test on my site to know what to do.

 1 ° / Do not pay

Know that the more the scammer has information about you (personal information, Facebook, work ...), the more he will try to make you sing and the risk of publishing the video is strong.

From my experience in the field, if you start paying 1000 €, tomorrow it will ask you 2000 €.

 2 / Cut the contact points.

In order to reduce the period of risk of publication and especially not give in to blackmail, I advocate to simply cut the contacts. What good is it to publish if they can not contact you anymore? Attention this will not prevent the publication. Indeed in some cases, the scammer publishes the video on a blog or Youtube and highlights his own contact information for you to contact quickly ... In short, they are afraid of nothing! For those who are still on skype, I advocate to simply delete their account!

Be careful, I'm not talking about simply blocking the rogue, but to delete his account.

I explain why and above all how to do it.

Click here to learn how to delete your skype account. In the same way, I recommend to delete your mailbox. The scammer will receive an error message if he tries to send you an email. In some cases, deleting your mailbox can be very inconvenient, if not technically impossible. Rest assured, there are solutions.

I explain everything you need to know here.

3 Protect friends and social networks.

Very often, the first reflex is to delete his Facebook account, or worse to delete all his friends on Facebook. This is clearly a false good idea!

By doing so you leave the swindler free to steal your identity and get in touch with your friends, and there ... it will be difficult to manage.

Regarding Facebook, I explain everything to help you http://www.marocinvestigation.com/actualite/33-sextorsion-moroccochantage-sexuel-par-webcam-au-Maroc.html

4 How to remove a video scam or blackmail broadcast on the web?

Even if it is particularly disturbing to see yourself in this situation on Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo ... Even if you feel dejected, in a pit, not knowing what to do, in reality, the removal of the video is simple and accessible to all !

I have created complete tutorials to help you remove these videos.

You will see, it is really very simple and relatively fast (between 5 and 30minutes).

Find my advice on removing videos here http://www.marocinvestigation.com/

5 SKYPE scam: watch the web, why and how?

In fact, the problem when one is blackmailed to the webcam, is not the removal of the video itself.

The problem when you just get webcam skype or other is to know where the video is to react quickly to avoid sharing and indexing in Google, you need to know where it is.

Understand that even if the scammer shares the video, if you can identify and delete it, it's won. Even if your friends click on the link, they will not be able to see it.

The real problem, the nerve of war is to know where the video is. That's why web monitoring is ESSENTIAL in your approach and need protection.

I explain why here http://www.marocinvestigation.com/infidelite-adultere.html

I help you to install your first web monitoring tools here: http://www.marocinvestigation.com/services.html

 For those who are at risk, who need powerful tools and / or someone is watching for them, you will also find dedicated services on my site.


Laissez-nous vous aider à trouver une solution qui répond à vos besoins